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An Experiment

Recently, a storm erupted on Twitter following the publication of this interview in the Journal Current Biology. The majority of the interview is not controversial at all, in fact, I agree with the interviewee on a few points; however, in the final question the subject turns to the use of social media in science. In particular the question raises the point that criticism of scientific work in the form of a blog has become increasingly common.

This sparked a lively debate and made me think that I should give blogging a shot. So in the spirit of science, I shall be experimenting with writing a blog. Although my publications here will not be peer-reviewed, I will be happy to receive criticism nonetheless. I plan to use this as a place to reflect on my experiences in Chemistry so far, and maybe post the occasional criticism of a peer-reviewed publication I'm too scared to Comment on. Hopefully this experiment in blogging will not affect my rate of publication too negatively...

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